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  Fri Nov 24

Comanche was a famous war horse

Comanche was a famous war horse owned by the US Army, known for being the survivor of the Battle of Little Bighorn. The horse was bought by the army in 1868 and it was ridden by Captain Myles Keogh of 7th Cavalry. He was named for his bravery and loyalty in the fight against Comanche, where he carried Keogh even after he was wounded. Comanche carried Keogh in the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876, in which none of the soldiers survived. Comanche was cited as the lone survivor, though many other horses were found to have survived. He was made a honorary Second Commanding Officer’ of the 7th Cavalry in 1887. Comanche died in 1891. He was given a military funeral, one of the only two horses to receive it.

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