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  Tue Apr 24

Eagles Back On Long Island

Bald eagle pairs are nesting in record numbers in New York State this year, including, surprisingly, in an area full of people — Long Island.

This year, breeding pairs on the Island have risen to eight, compared with zero a decade ago and one pair five years ago, state officials said. They are among the record-breaking estimate of 323 nesting pairs across New York, according to aerial surveys and ground reports compiled by the state Department of Environmental Conservation. 

DEC biologist Scott Crocoll sees the eagle’s return to the Island as a bit of a mystery, because these raptors usually like to settle away from people.

He declined to say exactly where these winged Islanders nest, citing the eagles’ need for privacy, but said they’re living in parks or parklike areas, except for the two who landed on a tree this year on the Great Neck South School campus.

“Why now in the last five years they’re all of a sudden down there, we don’t know,” Crocoll said.

This year’s state record of 323 occupied nests reflects a jump from 309 last year and 264 the year before, the DEC said. The Island had six pairs last year and five the year before, the state said.

Bald eagles, a North American species, can weigh up to 14 pounds and have a wingspan up to 8 feet. They live near rivers, lakes, and marshes where they can find fish, their main food, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

They have been seen in Centerport:

On facebook there is a page Bald Eagles Of Centerport 

They have photos taken of them from last week. Go View the page its very interesting 


Dedicated to a Pair of Bald Eagles Living in Centerport, NY - Through Education and communication - our goal is to learn, respect and participate in relevant discussion. We are all so proud & lucky to have such amazing Eagles live in our community. Please leave politics and negativity at the door! Enjoy the Eagles! (I do..) Our Twitter Feed is @EaglesOfCntpt (CommodoreandMrsVanderbilt) Our Eamil is


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