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  Fri Mar 15


Summer is here! Do you need barn, fence, or property repair? I am a fellow horse owner and available to complete any task. No job is too big or too small. The safety and health of your horse is my top priority. Give me a call, text, or email: (631)466-2936

  Sun Dec 16

sharing a tractor trailer load of Suncoast Pine Shavings

I am looking for someone  anywhere on Long Island who may be interested in sharing a tractor trailer load of Suncoast Pine Shavings.  These may be seen at  Suncoast are very high quality, dustless shavings from Georgia, available in fine, medium, or large flakes, and compressed into your choice of 10 cu ft. or 12 cu ft. plastic bags.  A half load is approximately 650 bags, delivered plastic wrapped with rain caps on pallets for outside storage.  If someone is interested in less than a half load, I am able to take more than half.  If interested, or if you would like to see these shavings, please contact me at

  Fri Mar 15


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Single Horse People ONLY

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Long Island Stable Mates

First Ten Horse People Will Get One Liequine Ad For Six Months

  Sat Mar 16

Standards, Roll tops and More!

Custom Standards, Roll tops and More!!

Are you tired of paying high catalog prices?  Is the shipping cost more than the product itself?  Do you wish you could have someone build exactly what you want?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to call me today.  I can build what ever it is that you want.  Whether it's a custom shaped standard or gate or even a custom tack box that you want in a certain wood or finish we build it all the way you want it.  We will deliver any where in the Tri-state area for a fraction of what most shipping companies cost. I also can make agility jumps, walks, and A frame.  We also specialize in the construction of new barns and the renovation of existing barns.  Why would you have someone build your barn that doesn 't even own horses?  We have owned horses for over 20 years and know what it takes to make them happy.  Call us today for a free estimate.

Call Matt @ (406)461-2659

  Sat Mar 16

Private Mortgage Insurance explained

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) 

If your down payment on a home is less than 20 percent of the appraised value or sale price, you must obtain private mortgage insurance, known as PMI, with your lender. This will enable you to obtain a mortgage with a lower down payment because your lender is now protected against any default on the loan.


PMI charges vary depending on the size of the down payment and the loan, but they typically amount to about one-half of 1 percent of the loan, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association of America. Mortgage insurance premiums are not tax deductible.



Let's say you put down 10 percent or $10,000 on a $100,000 house. The lender multiplies the 90 percent loan, or $90,000, by .005. The result is an annual PMI of $450, which is divided into monthly payments of $37.50.


Most home buyers need PMI because 20 percent of the sale price on a home is a lot of money; for instance, that's $20,000 on a $100,000 home. Home buyers must maintain the PMI premiums until they cross that one-fifth-of-principal threshold, a process that can take years in longer-term mortgages.



Keep track of your payments on the principal of the mortgage. When you reach the point where the loan-to-value ratio hits 80 percent, notify the lender that it is time to discontinue the PMI premiums. The Homeowners Protection Act of 1998, which took effect in 1999, requires lenders to tell the buyer at closing how many years and months it will take for them to reach that 80 percent level and cancel PMI. Lenders must automatically cancel PMI when the balance hits 78 percent.

Note: The law does allow lenders to continue requiring PMI all the way down to 50 percent equity for so-called high-risk borrowers. Traditionally, those loans that are considered riskier include reduced documentation loans, in which customers provide less proof of income and other information during the approval process. Loans for people with spotty credit histories and higher debt-to-income ratios also fall into this category. Additionally, some FHA loans require payment of PMI throughout the entire life of the loan.


Ways to avoid PMI

In today's market, there are some new ways to avoid mortgage insurance even when you don't have the standard 20 percent down payment.


Pay more interest: Some lenders will waive the mortgage insurance requirement if the buyer accepts a higher interest rate on the mortgage loan. The rate increases generally range from .75 percent to 1 percent, depending on the down payment. The advantage is that mortgage interest is tax deductible.


Using an "80-10-10" loan: This program involves two loans and a 10 percent down payment. The 90 percent loan is financed with a first mortgage equal to 80 percent of the sale price, and a second mortgage for the remaining 10 percent of the sale price. The second mortgage has a higher interest rate but since it applies to only 10 percent of the total loan, the monthly payments on the two mortgages are still lower than paying one mortgage with mortgage insurance. Plus, again, there is the advantage of mortgage interest being tax deductible.


Example: If we compare the purchase of a $100,000 home under the "80-10-10" plan with a standard fixed mortgage including PMI, we find that the former is $17.45 cheaper each month.


Here's how it works. Under the "80-10-10" plan, the 10 percent down payment on a $100,000 house is $10,000. The first mortgage is $80,000 at 7.50 percent, which comes to a monthly payment of $559. The second mortgage for $10,000 has a 9.50 percent interest rate, making a monthly payment of $84. Total monthly payments of the two loans: $643.


With a $10,000 down payment, one mortgage of $90,000 at 7.50 percent has a monthly payment of $629, plus PMI of $31.45, making a total payment of $660.45.

 Sharyn Guzzi




  Tue Mar 12

Organizations For Low Cost Spay/ Neuter Certificates & Free Programs

Nassau  County

     PO Box 861
     Hicksville , NY 11802
     516 364 - 7297
     Low cost and free certificates for feral and owned cats.
     Traps for loan - call Judy @ 516 872-8053

     PO Box 61
     Syosset, NY 11791
631 425-1884
     Low cost and free certificates for feral

     Low cost spay/neuter resources. 
     Dottie Abatelli      516 935-7893
     PO Box 508
     Plainview, NY 11803


       Call 516 883-7579 Option 1 or 516 883-7900 Ext. 268
       Speak directly to Liz or Jean for scheduling and information.
       Spay / Neuter with Rabies vaccination and*Ear tipping      $25.00

*It is recommended that all feral cats being returned to a colony be        ear tipped to identify them as having been spayed / neutered / vaccinated and cared for, which is recognized by municipal animal control wardens.

Drop off Friday evening between 6 - 8 pm.
If you are unable to drop off Friday night, you may drop off Saturday, at 8 am.
Pick up Saturday evening between 6 - 8 pm
Payment is at the time of drop off or pick up.

5. Nassau County SPCA


      212 876-7700 Ext. 4303  for free spay / neuter program.
      Choose #6 for rescue persons to sign up for free spay/neuter of feral and stray cats.


1. SPAYUSA 1 800 248-7729
     203 377-1116 / 203 375-6627
     Direct to low cost Veterinarians and Programs.    

Suffolk County

     PO Box 390
     Huntington, NY 11743
     631 757- 4517
     Low cost and free certificates for feral and owned cats.

    631 368-8770 or 754 - 8200
    33 Warner Road
    Huntington, NY 11743
    Irene DaVide - TNR Program
    Traps to loan, will trap for elderly, loans cage for recuperation.
    Educate persons and assist regarding TNR, low cost sp/n certificates  Email:

     631 727-7797
     2259 River Rd
     Calverton, NY 11933
     Low cost and free spay/neuter program

     631 473-6333
     608 Route 112
     Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
     Traps available. Can hold feral's as needed for preop. and
     Low cost and free sp/n programs  

5.  ARF - Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons

Daniel's Hole Road
PO Box 901
Wainscott, NY 11875
Sara Davison - Director Ext 209
631 537-0400
fax 631 537-1759

"Operation Cat  - A free TNR program for feral and stray cats.  

6. Elsies Ark - Pat Lillis "Save the Un-savable"
PO Box 2900
East Hampton, NY 11937
631 329-2900
Free spay neuter certificates
Inquire about adoptions for special needs animals.

    631 722-0015 / 722-2650
    Free Spay/Neuter Program
    $25 donation and will give certificated for free spay/neuter program at Kent Animal Shelter.



Rescue Resources     |    Free & Low Cost Spay/ Neuter     |     Traps     |      Trappers    |     Education     |   Adoption Services   


  Thu Mar 14

Our Current Listings 2/132019

Current Listings
  Wed Mar 13

You can post and download prize lists here

Now you can post your prize list right on our site.  No charge for this service!

1.  First you have to convert your prize list to a pdf. If you can’t do that yourself, send it to and I will try to do it for you.

2.  Each show series should be entered at once, just keep adding dates. You can even go back later and change them.

3.  After you enter the dates, go back and upload the prize list to each date.

4.  Be patient- some prize lists are big files and take a long time to upload. If you get an error screen, hit your back button and refresh, then try again.

Having a problem?  E-mail it to

  Tue Jan 29

Jumps, Standards and Much More

Show season is here and it's time to practice!

Do you wish you had a set of standards to practice for that Hunter or Jumper competition you have coming up, but can't afford to pay those ridiculously high prices you see in the catalogs?  We can build the jumps, standards and flower boxes you are looking for at a much lower price than any catalog!  All of our products are custom built for our clients to suit their individual needs.  Delivery available.

Call Matt @ 406-461-2659 for a free quote

  Sat Mar 16

What happens when you place an advertisement on L.I.Equine?

The LIEquine Newsletter  has over 12,800 people on the e mail list.

The e mails go out to everyone who signs up for the free nightly newsletters.

When you place an ad on the site, you will get a confirmation e mail and receipt sent to you.

This does not mean that the ad was placed - it is a confromation that it was received.

Most ads that are sent in are placed the following day.

You are not billed from when you get your receipt you are billed from when the ad gets sent out to the newsletter list.

We try to place your ads at least once every two weeks and sometimes more.

There is a 10 dollar fee that is extra to place links that take you to other sites or your own site.

Our website gets over 1 million unique users per month. These are available to anyone who wishes to place an ad. The stats are run by Go Daddy where we have our own dedicated servers. They are highly accurate.  

If you can not place the advertisement yourself our staff is happy to assist you.

Our office number is 631-979-2965 our office e mail is you can also e mail ( but sharyn  does not do the advertisements). The office staff works on the website ads (Kerrin or Amber). You can also reply to the newsletter that will go directly to Sharyn's e mail account.

To place an advertisement go to the site

Then go to either sign on and advertise with us

or sign up then advertise with us.

We are very happy to assist you with any ads you may wish to run.

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