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  Mon Dec 10

Lessons in Photography in Commack

In my personal studio in Commack.
  From beginners  to those who want to reach a higher level - I teach the art of photography.

  Have a new camera, and confused how to get the most out of it?
  Love nature photography, or want to learn macro?
  Got kids?
  I studied with the very best in children's photography.
  Elena Shumanlova.

  Want to learn the art of silky water and waterfalls ?
  Shoot NYC at night like a pro?
  Want to learn Photoshop?
  Get your camera off Auto!
  Learn RAW photography, and see why it makes a tremendous difference.

  Reasonable rates.
  $25.00 for a full hour.
  No more than three people at a time.
  Guided tours in the field also.

  Wed Dec 12


  Wed Dec 12

Local Carpenter Building And Repairs!


  • Basement Conversions /Renovations
  • Building + Repairing Decks
  • Installing Windows And Doors
  • Wainscotting 
  • Molding
  • Shelving Units

ED 631-848-6154

Charge by time and material.
  Fri Dec 07

What happens when you place an advertisement on L.I.Equine?

The LIEquine Newsletter  has over 12,800 people on the e mail list.

The e mails go out to everyone who signs up for the free nightly newsletters.

When you place an ad on the site, you will get a confirmation e mail and receipt sent to you.

This does not mean that the ad was placed - it is a confromation that it was received.

Most ads that are sent in are placed the following day.

You are not billed from when you get your receipt you are billed from when the ad gets sent out to the newsletter list.

We try to place your ads at least once every two weeks and sometimes more.

There is a 10 dollar fee that is extra to place links that take you to other sites or your own site.

Our website gets over 1 million unique users per month. These are available to anyone who wishes to place an ad. The stats are run by Go Daddy where we have our own dedicated servers. They are highly accurate.  

If you can not place the advertisement yourself our staff is happy to assist you.

Our office number is 631-979-2965 our office e mail is you can also e mail ( but sharyn  does not do the advertisements). The office staff works on the website ads (Kerrin or Amber). You can also reply to the newsletter that will go directly to Sharyn's e mail account.

To place an advertisement go to the site

Then go to either sign on and advertise with us

or sign up then advertise with us.

We are very happy to assist you with any ads you may wish to run.

  Sun Dec 09

LI EQUINE Price Chart

Price Chart For Liequine Advertisements 

Horses Advertisements:

$50 for two months

$70 for three months

$90 for four months


Business Classifieds:

(Tack Shops, Veterinarians, Hay & Feed Supplies, Farriers, Equine Services, Equine Products)

$35 for one month

$90 for three months

$150 for six months

$260 for twelve months



$30 for one month

$55 for two months

$150 for six months


Editing of Changing Any Ads: $5

One Time Fee For Links (Including Youtube Links For Horses): $10

Items That Are Under $100 Dollars Can Be Placed In The Bargain Barn Section Of The Message Boards.

Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Our Office To Assist You With Placing, Renewing, Or Changing Your Ad!



  Fri Dec 07

Standards, Roll tops and More!

Custom Standards, Roll tops and More!!

Are you tired of paying high catalog prices?  Is the shipping cost more than the product itself?  Do you wish you could have someone build exactly what you want?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to call me today.  I can build what ever it is that you want.  Whether it's a custom shaped standard or gate or even a custom tack box that you want in a certain wood or finish we build it all the way you want it.  We will deliver any where in the Tri-state area for a fraction of what most shipping companies cost. I also can make agility jumps, walks, and A frame.  We also specialize in the construction of new barns and the renovation of existing barns.  Why would you have someone build your barn that doesn 't even own horses?  We have owned horses for over 20 years and know what it takes to make them happy.  Call us today for a free estimate.

Call Matt @ (406)461-2659

  Thu Dec 06

State Line Tack

State Line Tack 1-800-228-9208

Horse Supplies and Apparel!

Click Link below to visit our website


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