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  Fri Dec 07

ISO Part Time Barn Manager

In Search Of: Part Time Barn Manager for Bethpage Equestrian Center located in Old Bethpage, NY. Inquire within by calling the office at 516-845-1000 and by emailing your resume to choyafarms@gmail.com

  Tue Nov 20


We are looking for a worker to help clean, maintain, feed, water dogs in kennels.

Some work with horses in our barn also.



Work with horses and dogs. Great employment opportunity if you love working with animals! But… be warned, this job is physical work, much of it is outdoors, sometimes you will get wet and dirty. It certainly is NOT sitting behind a desk. If you are in good shape and like physical activity, come on down and give it a try! If you're out of shape and tire easily, don't waste your time and ours. This is an on your feet, walking, lifting, physical type of work.

We would love to find someone who can handle the business of running this place on their own as a “manager”, but a vast majority of the time and work is spent on old fashioned farm/kennel work and always will be.

As a kennel/farm worker, duties would include bathing dogs, picking up paddocks and stalls, power washing kennels, feeding and watering dogs and horses and haying horses, general cleaning of the whole place. During the busy season: Walking dogs, cleaning kennels. Must love animals and be patient with them. We do not tolerate "getting angry" at the animals and/or rough handling of them.

If after working here awhile, you are very dependable and conscientious, you will become our “manager”. As a manager, duties would include all the above plus OCCASIONALLY; waiting on customers: taking in boarders, sending home boarders, doing the associated paperwork, handling the cash register and credit card transactions, checking shot records, dealing (and maintaining a cool head) with sometimes irritating customers and with neurotic, obsessive dog owners. Most of the time, Smitty handles this part of the work.

We would like to be able to go away on vacation and leave the manager in charge.  The manager would have to be totally dependable since you would be responsible for the animals.

We have 2 horses of our own. There is room for more if you want to keep a horse here.

We also have a very nice, big, apartment on site. It would be included in the salary for the manager. The manager would have to be on-call 24/7 when we are away and the manager is “in charge”. An "at home" type part time job or studying might be possible to do while working here but not a job or classes where you would have to leave the premises any specific hours. We are open to the public 8-11 AM and 5-7 PM everyday except we are closed on Saturday evenings and holiday evenings.

Before we let anyone move into the apartment, we would do and extensive background and credit checks, and they would have to submit to drug testing.

In the long term we will be looking for the manager to manage the place more and more. Our long term goal is to have the manager handle most of the work most of the time. We would still do all the accounting, ordering, payroll and administration. We would always be here for the holidays and busy seasons.  Far down the road the whole place will eventually be for sale. The manager might be able to buy in.

Salary starts low for kennel/barn work during your training phase if you are inexperienced, but will increase rapidly according to your mastery of the job and your dependability. If someone becomes "THE ONE", that is, the general manager, we will pay very well. Health benefits are included for the manager when qualified.


On time & Dependable.

During holidays you must work whatever hours we need you.

Self motivated, if you see something is dirty, clean it. Organize, straighten out/neaten up stuff.

Power wash kennels regularly.

Bath, brush, cut nails, clean ears on dogs.

Manager: Bill customers, cash register, check in paperwork, check out customers, check vaccination (shot) records, figure out the bill. Enter credit card charges/sales, friendly, happy attitude with clients, able to lift 50 lb bag of feed, no allergies to dogs, cats, horses, or dust, not smoke at all… ever.

The apartment is the second floor of the front building which has the reception, grooming and cage wards, and 10 run kennel. It is a separate building from our house and the large main kennel.

If you are interested please email me your resume.

P.S. No smokers

Smitty     www.smittyskennel.com    job@smittyskennel.com   631-345-0000


  Sun Nov 18

Wonderful Opportunity st Crystal Brook Stables

Crystal Brook stable is looking for barn help in exchange for either lessons lease or board for more information please contact Cindy Laskow 631-786-6101 you can also visit our website www.crystalbrookstables.com

  Sun Nov 18



I am looking for the right person to help out at our new 8 stall sale barn in Medford.  Daily responsibility will include one feeding plus the stalls/paddocks and cleanup.  You can choose AM or PM.  In return, a free stall, regular instruction, free shipping to all shows/paces/events we attend, and the opportunity to ride/show sale horses will be available for the right individual.  Must be motivated, reliable, and have your own transportation.  The amount of horses will fluctuate between 1 and 8, but the deal will remain the same no matter how many or few there are at any time.  Inbox me. 


Jenny Guzzi

  Mon Dec 03

ISO English and Western Trainers!

Bethpage Equestrian Center located in Old Bethpage is in search of both English and Western trainers!

Please inquire within by calling the office at 516-845-1000

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